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The Reluctant Knight 
Danny Phillips, is an ambitious scoundrel who is determined to live the high life, but when his investment company on Wall Street crashes, he is forced to follow in his father’s footsteps as a police officer. The last thing this charming entrepreneur wanted to be was a cop, but when his old friend, Angelo Tedeschi, convinces him the city of Beachside is a ripe plum for guys like them, he reluctantly agrees.
Thanks to the crooked Captain Hagen and Danny’s unexpected bravery in the line of duty, he is promoted to the rank of Detective Specialist in charge of the Missing Persons Bureau. His complex relationship with fellow officer Anna Perez and an encounter with Rudy, a badly scarred young boy, slowly begins to soften his amoral behavior.
But he hasn’t reached redemption yet. When he ignores a string of missing children, he is suspended from duty. Battling his inner demons, this flawed knight begins a quest to track down the perpetrator. 
This intelligent and thought-provoking masterpiece of crime fiction will hold you in its grip until the very end. A series debut novel filled with tension, distinctive wit, unforgettable characters, and an intriguing romance. If you are a police procedural series fan who prefers realism along with hard-hitting action, and savvy dialogue, it’s guaranteed you’ll be wanting more from this father/son writing team.
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