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Neil L. Yuzuk was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He worked in sales and sales management before returning to college as a freshman at age 40.
After retiring in 2008 as a Substance Abuse Prevention and Intervention Counselor for the New York City Board of Education, High Schools Division, his full-time police officer and part-time actor son David said, “Hey Pops, why don’t you write a screenplay for me.”
That screenplay eventually became the first book in the Beach-side PD series, “The Reluctant Knight.” 
After being wiped out by Hurricane Sandy, Neil moved to Los Angeles and is available for readings and book signings in the Greater Los Angeles area and southern California.

Neil credits Robert McKee for teaching him the insights and skills of writing as well as his Thomas Jefferson High School English teacher, Harriet Epstein and his Brooklyn College Professor Martha F. Black.
The fifth book, “Beachside PD: Logical Consequences” is scheduled for June, 2019 and book six, "Beachside PD: Chasing Shadows" is expected in December, 2019.

David A. Yuzuk was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and he always enjoyed being involved in athletics. He played high school and college football and has studied the martial arts. Leaving Brooklyn, he moved to South Florida where he has been working as a Police Officer for the last eighteen years. On his days off, he works on his various creative projects—writing, acting, and filmmaking.
As part-time actor David Danello, he has had roles on TV shows like Burn Notice, The Glades, and America's Most Wanted. His movie roles include Miami Vice, U.S.S. Seaviper, House of Bodies, I Love Miami, Assumed Memories, 5th of a Degree, and The Outsider.  
David has IMDB credit as a co-producer and co-author of the film 5th of a Degree (as David Danello). 5th of a Degree was the winner of the 2012 Golden Ace Award at the Las Vegas Film Festival . . . and he has also written an illustrated children's book, The Legend of the Smiling Chihuahua. You can see it at: (

In addition to their other projects, the Yuzuk team has also completed a film documentary featuring the life of Captain Richard J. Flaherty: The smallest Paratrooper and Green Beret who became a war hero and whose life and death are shrouded in mystery. 

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