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Beachside PD: Logical Consequences

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For every action, there is a reaction
Commit a crime

     and Logical Consequences follow

The men and women of Beachside PD are back in two exciting stories of murder, kidnapping, and revenge.

A murdered deputy mayor, and his grandson, kidnapped. A high-profile case and Detective Specialist Anna Perez-Phillips takes the lead in the investigation as her partner, Detective Specialist Danny Phillips, recuperates from his wounds.


Two ransom calls are received. Which is the actual demand? And while they chase one suspect, will the real kidnapper escape?

Joey Akuma, raised in the Everglades, is forced to leave the swamps for the city of Beachside. Akuma has sworn revenge on the evil ones for their crime—the murder of his friend and mentor, Manny Pogue.


Evolution’s most advanced killer is about to emerge from the primordial swamp and into your nightmares.


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