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A savage murder . . . a cocaine-crazed Gypsy on the run . . . lives are at stake and the clock is ticking . . . only one man can find him . . . the man Gypsies fear more than any other — Mike Zaragossa: The Gypsy Hunter.


Reenter the world of Beachside PD, filled with unforgettable characters like Detective Michael Zaragossa as he makes his way through the mysterious world of the Gypsies, solving crimes from simple scams to murder.


Join Danny and Anna as they hunt for a miss-ing Seminole Indian coed; and deal with crimes that are set against the background of the Super Bowl.

“Police detective, Michael Zaragossa knows Gypsies. He speaks their language, knows their customs, and has their trust. But not everybody loves Gypsies. And not everybody loves Zaragossa. Gunning down the Gypsy Hunter would make a lot of people happy.


“Neil and David Yuzuk's fast moving thriller, "The Gypsy Hunter," is a terrific read that kept me riveted on a long flight to Europe.”

Ken Rotcop, award-winning writer and former Creative Head of four Hollywood Studios: Embassy Pictures, Hanna-Barbera, Cannon TV, and Trans World Productions.

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