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a Beachside PD Prequel


Angelo Tedeschi was forged by his father’s fists, his mother’s love, and shaped on the streets of Brooklyn.

Tempered by his friendship with Danny Phillips and Jay Gardner, he survived to eventually work for mob boss Eddie “Mambo” Salerno. 


When Angelo loses his fiery temper and roughs up a high ranking Mafioso, Salerno has to hustle him out of town to keep him alive. Sent to Beachside, Florida to keep a close eye on degenerate gambler and crook-

ed police captain, Jimmy Hagen, he becomes—of all things—a cop.


Watching Hagen isn’t Angelo’s only job, he’s also responsible for looking after Salerno’s criminal empire. A job complicated by Iraq war hero and fellow police officer, Michael Frakes, the steroid-fueled Joey Salerno, and the vicious Russian crime boss, Viktor Matyushenko.


From the stone city of Brooklyn to the sand city of Beachside, Angelo’s story is one of constant betrayal. If you are a reader who prefers realism along with hard-hitting action and savvy dialogue, then you’ll enjoy the third novel from this father/son writing team.

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