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Police officers gunned down in broad daylight . . . a series of murderous home invasions . . . a call for help to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement . . . the Special Police and Law Action Team is assigned . . . SPLAT—cops who shoot first, ask no questions, and steal what isn’t nailed down.


What happens to a good cop who has to adjust his moral compass when he goes undercover? That’s the dilemma Danny Phillips faces when he joins SPLAT. Can Danny to resist the temptation to return to his free-wheeling days of scams, blondes, and bourbon when he is assigned to SPLAT?!


At the same time, Mike Zaragossa, The Gypsy Hunter, is back as he goes up against a power-hungry District Attorney to solve the case of a kidnapped Gypsy girl. He also needs to deal with a Gypsy-related arson, and a life-threatening Gypsy-aided terrorist plot to destroy the Kennedy Space Center.


As in all of Beachside PD novels the crimes are reality-based, so be prepared for the hot action of the hunt, as the bad guys are tracked down and brought to justice.

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