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From the authors of Beachside PD: The Reluctant Knight and Beachside PD: The Gypsy Hunter comes this thrilling prequel to the Beachside PD series: Cities of Sand and Stone.


It tells the story of Angelo Tedeschi, described by his closest friend Danny as “. . . a vicious thug certainly, a psychopath probably, and yet caring to those very few he loved.”


Angelo Tedeschi was forged by his father’s fists, his mother’s love, and shaped on the streets of Brooklyn. Tempered by his friendship with Danny Phillips and Jay Gardner, he survived to eventually work for mob boss Eddie “Mambo” Salerno.


When Angelo loses his fiery temper and roughs up a high ranking Mafioso, Salerno has to hustle him out of town to keep him alive. Sent to Beachside, Florida to keep a close eye on degenerate gambler and crooked police captain Jimmy Hagen, he becomes—of all things—a cop.


Watching Hagen isn’t Angelo’s only job, he’s also responsible for looking after Salerno’s criminal empire. A job complicated by Iraq war hero and fellow police officer, Michael Frakes, the steroid-fueled Joey Salerno, and the vicious Russian crime boss, Viktor Matyushenko.


From the stone city of Brooklyn to the sand city of Beachside, Angelo’s story is one of constant betrayal. If you are a reader who prefers realism along with hard-hitting action and savvy dialogue, then you’ll enjoy the third novel from this father/son writing team.





Inside the abandoned airplane hangar the humidity was sweltering. Hanging in the air was a musty-smelling cloud of cheap cologne mixed with the pungent aroma of anxious, sweating men. The men all knew how high the stakes were and how violently their lives could end.


SHOOTOUT: The dead sprawled like marionette puppets abruptly cut from their masters’ strings. Fat cops standing over bloated, leaking carcasses. Flashbulbs popping from the crime scene tech paparazzi. Cold, pale bodies on aluminum slabs. The Medical Examiner pretending he’s Zorro carving his Y incision with one hand while holding a grilled cheese sandwich in the other.




No way we are all making it out of here today . . . no way, Angelo Tedeschi thought.

Angelo, forty years old, tall, solidly built, with dark hair showing the beginnings of gray, felt the beads of sweat flowing down his back and onto the .45 Caliber Glock handgun concealed in his rear waistband. He remembered some scorching days in Brooklyn where they’d had to break open fire hydrants to cool off but never anything this merci­less. The air was so heavy with moisture that just breathing it exhausted his overworked lungs. With every beat of his pounding heart, images flashed in his mind. Home, Bora Bora, Alaska, anywhere but this fuckin’ shit hole.

Facing Angelo was the heavyset fifty-two-year-old Russian, Viktor Matyushenko. A bear of a man with cold, blue eyes and a protruding Neanderthal-like brow ridge that added to his brooding appearance. He was sweating profusely and constantly tugging on his shirt; praying for just a wisp of fresh air to reach and cool his body. His pasty, flushed face was just starting to show signs of heat exhaustion. Viktor and his part­ners were the new kids on the mobster block in South Florida and they were already creating a deadly wave of crime.

Scattered behind Viktor were three Cuban thugs dressed in oversized button-down linen short-sleeved shirts known to the locals as a Guayabera. Although they were still relatively new students of Viktor’s business training, they were already all highly proficient in the tactical use of weapons and each concealed a deadly arsenal on his person.

Positioned next to Angelo was his boss: the always-in­tense Michael Frakes. At forty-eight years old, with thinning light brown hair, and medium height, his athletic build was concealed under a large Marlins baseball jersey. The oversized shirt was sticking to his body like shrink-wrap plastic, making just standing there highly uncomfortable. As a Florida native, Michael was used to this type of heat, although this night was definitely up there with some of the worst he could remem­ber. I should have called this off . . . it’s too late to turn back now.

Standing off to the side of the group, and bathed in verti­cal shadows, was one of Angelo’s oldest friends, forty-six-year-old Joey Salerno. Built like a mix between bulldog and a concrete pillar, Joey was known as a man to fear . . . and that was before people learned he was a card-carrying member of the New York Mafia. Concealed behind his back, he tightly gripped his Sig Sauer P210 handgun. Let’s get this shit over with, he thought with his typical Sicilian impatience.

“Show us what you got?” Angelo calmly asked Viktor, while wiping the excess sweat off his face with the back of his hand. His grizzled old mentor flashed into his head, giving sage advice. Ange, never let the palm of your hand get wet when you’re doin’ a deal, ‘cause not for nothin’, what if you need to grab your piece? MING-YA! You don’t want your fuckin’ hand to slip! Viktor paused, and without taking his eyes off Angelo, he motioned to his guys and ordered,

“Bring it out.”

Two of the muscular Cuban men walked over to a white van parked inside the hangar. They opened the rear doors and carried out a large wooden crate with U.S. military mark­ings stenciled on the side. They heaved the heavy crate onto a rusty metal table and it groaned under the weight. One of the men pulled open the lid and Angelo walked up and peered inside. It contained two .50-caliber Barrett sniper rifles, packed neatly.

“Where’s the rest?” asked Angelo, as he turned back towards Viktor.

“Call your money man and I’ll show you.”

Angelo motioned to Michael and said, “Go ahead and tell him to come in.”

An older model brown sedan drove up to the front gate of the hangar. A fiercely-bearded Russian guard in a wrin­kled suit motioned the vehicle to stop. The guard was cursing under his breath about the oppressive heat as he checked the car. The driver—Bobby “Dee” Ochoa, thirty-seven years old, with a wiry, muscular build and heavily tattooed arms—took notice of his Russian rival. Very nice: an AR-15 neatly concealed under your jacket, I probably would’ve missed it if your shirt wasn’t sweat-soaked with its imprint against your stinking body. After checking the car’s interior and trunk, the guard picked up his radio and said something quickly in Russian. He waved Bobby inside the complex and pointed toward the hangar. Later, hijo de gran puta! Bobby pulled the vehicle into the hangar and parked it next to a white van.

Bobby exited the vehicle holding a bulging gym bag. He scanned the room, noting every threat, and placed the bag on the rusted metal table next to Angelo. Angelo unzipped the bag, exposing its contents, and showed the large bundles of cash to Viktor. Without warning, the youngest and most inex­perienced of the Cuban thugs pulled out his gun and started shooting toward Michael and Angelo. With that, the other two thugs whipped out their firearms and started blasting away. Unnoticed in the initial chaos, Joey shifted further to the side, seeking cover behind a concrete wall.

For Michael the scene became surreal. Even before the first Cuban reached into his waistband for his weapon, he sensed impending danger. It was as if an electrically-charged static filled the heavily laden air. His senses sharpened and he achieved a heightened state of awareness he’d experienced only once before. He saw with perfect clarity the unshaven stubble and the open, sweating pores on the pink faces of his adversaries. As the first Cuban wrenched his gun from under his shirt, Michael could almost make out the etched serial number on the rusty slide mechanism of the 9mm Beretta. In a painstakingly slow arc, the gun reached its peak and aimed directly at his face. The last thing he remembered before the blackness enveloped him was, how beautiful the colorful muzzle flash of the weapon’s discharge was, - popping amber flashes mixed with streaks of burnt sienna dancing before his eyes.






5.0 out of 5 stars - Cities Of Sand And Stone By My Quan Jon:

“Beachside PD: Cities of Sand and Stone. I read this book and I was very impressed. Riveting, compelling and I enjoyed every page. I'm happy to say I'm a new and satisfied fan. Can’t wait to read the next one.”




4.0 out of 5 stars - Great Read By HA:

“I just read Cities of Sand and Stone and I was truly entertained from start to finish. The Yuzuk Team have out done themselves yet again. I started reading on one of my days off and read half the book in one sitting.

The next day at work, I continued reading and was so into the book that I didn't notice my supervisor standing there watching me read. Needless to say, I finished the book that evening. The characters were well developed and the story was fast paced. The drama was intense and was matched only with the suspense. Can't wait for the next one.”


5.0 out of 5 stars – Phenomenal By Ground Pounder:

+A must read! The Yuzuk team does it again. Just read Cities of Sand and Stone and I was truly entertained from beginning to end. Highly impressed and can't wait for their next project.”


4.0 out of 5 stars - Corrupt cops, Mafia thugs, Vicious Brutality--Hard-hitting crime novel By Chanticleer Book Reviews:

Loaded with grim brutality and remorseless betrayals, Cities of Sand and Stone will appeal to fans of action and temerarious exploits. A crooked police captain, Russian crime bosses, the harshness of Brooklyn’s mean streets lorded over by N.Y. Mafia kingpins and the brutal Florida underworld meet one Michael Frakes, an Iraq military hero who is the polar opposite: thoroughly rule-bound, honest, and brave police officer of Florida’s Beachside PD.

This mobster story defies specific categorization with its journalistic style and omniscient point of view. David A. Yuzuk and Neil L. Yuzuk, the father and son team who authored the Beachside PD. series, cast the worst type of men bent on destruction in this prequel to the series. In the opening chapters, readers will learn about the historical and biographical information of these brutal characters—some who are probably psychopaths. Initially, without a main narrator, it may be a challenge to sort out who is a principal character and who has a minor role, so tracking characters may be mildly difficult in the beginning. But do hang on, as the story will come into focus.

When the New York Mafia becomes concerned about goings-on in South Florida, they send down one of their own (the dangerously violent Angelo Tedeschi) to infiltrate the Beachside PD. as an undercover officer working for Frakes.

To aggravate the brewing storm, enter Viktor Matyushenko, a Muscovite intent on expanding his empire into the new world-- even if it means taking on the N.Y. Mafia--to become a force to be reckoned with in Florida’s underground. Vicious brutality and betrayals are prominent in this story: as reflected by the number of bodies and the amount of blood spattered throughout the hard-hitting pages. The bad guys and the good guys’ mettle are tested to the max as the ante increases on all fronts.

Additionally, fans of Mafia tales and police procedurals will appreciate the authenticity from the authors’ experience with military and law enforcement. Readers are informed of the costs and brands of the mobsters’ clothing to descriptions of a wide range of weapons, blow-by-blow combat tactics, and police procedures and jargon.

If you enjoy your novels with an intricate story line, lots of hard-hitting action, gritty dialogue, and authentic detailing, then the "Beachside PD." series by the talented Yuzuk father and son team is for you. “Cities of Sand and Stone” (2012) is the prequel to the first two books in the series: “The Gypsy Hunter” (2011) and “The Reluctant Knight” (2011).”


4.0 out of 5 stars - Right on brother By Mr A McSphhhhon:

I liked this one as much if not more than the first Beachside PD book. If you are a cop you'll sense quickly that the writers have first hand knowledge of "the job".

The realism and the depth of the characters kept me completely absorbed and involved. The mix of good and evil and the twists and surprises are well done. Like any good book, it was over much too soon. I am looking forward to the next Beachside PD story.


5.0 out of 5 stars - Captivating...Thrilling...Awesome! By Robert B Myers:

“I just want to know one thing: When is the movie, based on the book, coming out?! I finally got around to reading this latest installment in the Beachside PD series and I can say that this is another home run of a story! I really can't get enough of this series!!”


4.0 out of 5 stars - Perfectly researched and crafted page turner By brigitte hunt:

“Glad it is part of a series of books . I am downloading the next one right now. Loved the characters, the gritty no nonsense writing makes it very hard to stop reading. Scorsese should look at this!”